Doctor SIM: Unlock Services, Payment and Support Info

General Details About The Doctor SIM Website:

  • Website Name: Doctor SIM.
  • Domain Creation Date: 3 / 01 / 2007.
  • Website Language: English, Multi-languages.
  • Blog: Yes.
  • Help Center, FAQ Section, Knowledge-base, Unlocking Instructions: Yes.
  • Track Order Status System: Yes.
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes.
  • Terms and Conditions: Yes.
  • About Us Page: Yes.
  • Smartphone Application: Yes (Android and iOS).

Available Unlock Services:

  • Popular Unlock Services:
    • Unlock Alcatel Phones.
    • Unlock Asus Phones.
    • Unlock BlackBerry Phones.
    • Unlock HTC Phones.
    • Unlock Huawei Phones.
    • Unlock iPhone and iPad Devices.
    • Unlock Lenovo Phones.
    • Unlock LG Phones.
    • Unlock Motorola Phones.
    • Unlock Nokia Phones.
    • Unlock Pantech Phones.
    • Unlock Samsung Phones.
    • Unlock Sony Xperia Phones.
    • Unlock Sony Ericsson Phones.
    • Unlock ZTE Phones.
  • Apple iCloud Services:
    • Check Apple iCloud Activation Status.
  • Special Unlock Services:
    • Remote Samsung Unlock.
    • Phones Blacklist Status Check.
    • SIM Lock and Full Info / Carrier / Warranty Check for: iPhone, Samsung, Sony Xperia, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nokia.
    • Unlock Eligibility Check for iPhone from Sprint USA.
  • Free Unlock Services:
    • Check Phone Model by IMEI.
    • Free Phones Blacklist Status.
  • Other Unlock Services:
    • Unlock Amazon Phones.
    • Unlock Azumi Phones.
    • Unlock BenQ-Siemens Phones.
    • Unlock BGH Phones.
    • Unlock BLU Phones.
    • Unlock Bmobile Phones.
    • Unlock BQ Phones.
    • Unlock Coolpad Phones.
    • Unlock Doro Phones.
    • Unlock Grundig Phones.
    • Unlock Hisense Phones.
    • Unlock HP Phones.
    • Unlock i-Mate Phones.
    • Unlock Kyocera Phones.
    • Unlock Lanix Phones.
    • Unlock Mitsubishi Phones.
    • Unlock Nec Phones.
    • Unlock Orange Phones.
    • Unlock Palm Phones.
    • Unlock Panasonic Phones.
    • Unlock Philips Phones.
    • Unlock Qtek Phones.
    • Unlock Sagem Phones.
    • Unlock Sendo Phones.
    • Unlock Sharp Phones.
    • Unlock Sidekick Phones.
    • Unlock Siemens Phones.
    • Unlock SPV Orange Phones.
    • Unlock Toshiba Phones.
    • Unlock Verykool Phones.
    • Unlock Vitel Phones.
    • Unlock Vodafone Phones.
    • Unlock Vtelca Phones.

Professional Phone Unlocking Options:

  • Resellers Program: Yes.
  • Wholesale Unlock Prices: Yes.

Accepted Payment Methods:

  • PayPal: Yes.
  • Credit or Debit Card: Yes.
  • Bank Transfer or Deposit: Yes.
  • Apple Pay: Yes.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Yes.
  • AstroPay: Yes.
  • Cash: Yes.
  • Promotional Codes: Yes.

Available Contact and Support Methods:

  • Physical Address: Yes.
  • Email: Yes.
  • Chat: Yes.
  • Phone: No.
  • Social Media: Yes.
  • Skype: No.
  • WhatsApp: No.
  • Viber: No.
  • Telegram: No.

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