New Aqua Dongle Update: FRP Reset for Acer, HTC, Lenovo and More

What’s New in the Aqua Dongle V3.1 Update.

The Aqua Dongle has a new update, The update has the version 3.1, The Aqua Dongle team added more models and brands to its supported list, Check the full update details here.

Aqua Dongle V3.1 Update Details:

Qualcomm Module Updates:

[+] Introucing New Smart Self Learning Method,
This Method will Automatically Collect and Add any Unsupported Phones Loader
You only Need to Boot once after that Sw will Automatically Recognize that phone

[Added] New Smart Self Learning Auto Detection Method
This Method will Automatically Collect and Add any Unsupported Phones Details
for Auto Detection

[Added] Protocol Updated and Revised
Core Revised, No More Stuck Boot Problems
[Added] New Types Supported ( Brand-Specific And Generic Types )
Files Verification Revised & Add More Type Support

[Added] Show All Compatible Loaders with Chip Details You can Select Any Compatible loader This Method is Usefull if you get any Unsupported phone and you dont have Loader.

More Secure and Generic types supported
[Added] 450+ UNIQUE Internal Loader Fingerprints for Auto Detection
[Added] 600+ UNIQUE Internal Loaders for Manual Models Selection
[Added] Now Qualcomm Cover 800+ UNIQUE Secure & Generic Types As Nobody else
MSM8905: Generic, LYF and other secure types
MSM8909: Acer, Alcatel, Archos, Asus, Blu, Bq, Oppo, Qmobile, ZTE
MSM8916: Casper, Cherry, Coolpad, Alcatel and some Oppo
MSM8917: 10.or D, 10.or E, 10.or G
MSM8936: Asus, Cover, Lenovo, LYF, OPPO, Vodafone
MSM8937: Asus,Blu and other secure types
MSM8952: Cat S60
MSM8953: BQ Aquaris, Cherry, Vivo
MSM8956: Generic Secure Chinese types, Alcatel, Lenovo
MSM8976: OPPO, Xiaomi Vivo and ZTE
MSM8996: BQ Aquaris X2, OnePlus
MSM8998: OnePlus, Nokia & Xiaomi
Aqua Have More Big List of Supported CPU. More CPU with Brand Mention in Next Update

Exclusive New Type [Added] & Update:
[Added] Vivo Qualcomm New Security Frp/Factory Reset in Edl Models
[Added] Vivo Qualcomm Factory Reset in Diag Mode
[Added] Vivo Qualcomm Demo Unlock in Diag Mode
[Added] Updated Vivo Qualcomm Generic Factory Reset

Vivo Big List Added:

  • Z1] Z1, [Y71S] Y71S, [Y89] Y89
  • [Z3] Z3, [Nex] Nex, [Nex] Nex S
  • [X23] X23, [Nex] Nex 2, [X7] X7
  • [X7] X7 Plus, [X9] X9, [X9] X9 Plus
  • [X9S] X9S, [X9] X9S Plus, [X20] X20
  • [X20] X20 Plus, [X21] X21, [[Xplay5] Xplay5
  • [Y51] Y51, [Y53] Y53, [Y55] Y55, [Y55S] Y55S
  • [Y65] Y65, [Y66] Y66, [Y66i] Y66i, [Y71] Y71
  • [Y75s] Y75s, [Y79] Y79, [Y85] Y85, [V5] V5 Plus
  • [V7] V7, [V7] V7 Plus, [X27] X27PD1838
  • [X27] X27_6_128, [S1] S1 Pro Ufs, [s5] s5
  • [Y11] Y11, [V15] V15, [V5] V5 Plus, [Z3] Z3, [U3] U3.

SPD (SpreadTrum UniSoc):

Diag Mode:
Improved SPD Service Operations
[+] Read More Information About Device Then Before No One els
[+] Speed increased For Most Operations ( SPD and UniSOC )
[+] NAND & Emmc devices structure identification Updated
[+] Repair Security Procedure Updated Diag Mode
[+] Update Imei Repair Method in Diag Mode
[+] Update Safe Factory Reset in Diag Mode Now No More Risk In Hard Reset With Daig Mode
Flash Mode:
[+] Update Fdl Selection Bug
[+] Update Bootloader Version Read Error.

MTK (MediaTek):

  • [Added] More Models in Manual Models List.
  • Read Device Information [Meta Mode, Flash Mode, Adb Mode].
  • Read Network Lock Codes in Meta Mode.
  • Direct Unlock in Meta Mode.
  • Remove Frp Lock in Flash Mode.
  • Read Pattern Lock in Flash Mode, Meta Mode.
  • Factory Reset in Flash Mode, Meta Mode.
  • Deep Factory Reset in Flash Mode.
  • Disable,Enable Screen Locks Encrypted Devices Latest Patches.
  • Fix Dl-Image in Flash Mode.
  • Backup,Restore NVram in Flash Mode.
  • Forensic Features Read Sms,Call Logs,Phonebook.
  • Safe Imei Repair 1,2,3,4 in Meta Mode.
  • Reboot Meta,Factory,Fastboot.
  • Write Firmware Normal,Force Mode,Erase Mode.
  • Custom Partition Manager Read,Write,Wipe.
  • Reboot to Meta Mode, Factory Mode,Ate Factory Mode,Recovery Mode,Fastboot Mode,Adv Meta Mode.

[Added] Read/Write Firmware, Reset FRP, Factory Reset(Hard Reset), Read/Write/Erase Partitions for following model by Flash Mode & Meta Mode:

[====== Acer ======]
[+] Acer Liquid Z110
[+] Acer Liquid Z120
[+] Acer Liquid Z2

[====== Azumi ======]
[+] Azumi Kl35

[====== Bmobile ======]
[+] Bmobile AX535

[====== Chinese ======]
[+] Caterpillar CAT B15
[+] Digicel max(MT6572)
[+] EVERTEK EverTrendy(MT6572)
[+] Eyo Nova 350c
[+] General Mobile Discovery
[+] Gigabyte GSmart Maya M1
[+] GO Live S2
[+] H30-U10
[+] Highscreen Alpha GTX
[+] HTC_V1 (MT6582)
[+] Htm-mobile M3(MT6572)
[+] Hummer H5
[+] IPRO A3
[+] Irbis
[+] Lanix S220
[+] Lava IRIS 356
[+] M4tel SS1090
[+] Meo Smart a65
[+] Nyx Noba II
[+] O+ 8.31z
[+] O+ 8.52
[+] O+ 8.91
[+] OWN S4025
[+] Sendtel Wise+
[+] Senwa S950(MT6572)
[+] Starmobile Play
[+] STP-014
[+] Symphony W15i 3g
[+] Symphony W65
[+] Tušmobil KENTAURUS i110s
[+] Voice v40
[+] Wiko Darkmoon
[+] Yezz yb116

[====== Cloudfone ======]
[+] Excite 503d
[+] Thrill 430d

[====== Cubot ======]
[+] Cubot P6
[+] Cubot P9

[====== HTC ======]
[+] HTC 210
[+] HTC 310

[====== Jivi ======]
[+] Xtreme 3X

[====== Lenovo ======]
[+] Lenovo A880
[+] Lenovo A2107
[+] Lenovo A269
[+] Lenovo A269I
[+] Lenovo A390
[+] Lenovo A516

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